Pacific Northwest Trail Lovers is a blog dedicated to the outdoor adventures of Theresa, Mack, and their dog, Cascade. They are currently based in Portland, OR.


Snow camping at Trillium Lake (January 2017)

About Theresa: Although born and raised in Washington, Theresa only started adventuring outdoors a few years ago (back in 2014). After devoting nearly every waking moment to her undergrad and graduate studies in music for several consecutive years, she finally decided it was time to start balancing out her life with other activities. Hiking, something she’d only done a handful of times in the past, became a new constant. What started out as an easy way to unwind and breathe in fresh mountain air very quickly turned into a passion and necessity. In addition to hiking, she now spends her weekends/vacations/general downtime backpacking, trail running, and mountaineering throughout the Pacific Northwest with her little family. Theresa is also passionate about giving back to the places she loves and teaching others to be good stewards. She volunteers as a crew leader for Portland’s Forest Park Conservancy and is a trained Leave No Trace Master Educator. She is also an ambassador for PNW Outdoor Women and Wy’east Sisterhood.


Backpacking in Goat Rocks Wilderness (July 2016)

About Mack: For as long as he can remember, Mack has had an affinity for nature and the outdoors. As a child, he spent his days playing and exploring in the wetlands behind his house. He has fond memories of building forts and catching crawdads; a home away from home in the suburbs of Portland. As an adult, he and Theresa have made getting outside an essential part of their life together. Short, exploratory hikes eventually paved the way for multi-day backpacking trips, mountain climbing, and, his outdoor activity of choice, trail running. As a steward of the lands he recreates on, Mack believes in promoting minimum impact techniques and outdoor ethics. He is also a Leave No Trace Master Educator. When he’s not lugging around a giant backpack on an overnight trip or getting in long miles on the trails in Portland, Mack makes a living teaching guitar, ukulele, and bass to children and adults.


Three Sisters circumnavigation attempt (September 2016)

About Cascade (aka Cassie): Cassie hails from Texas, where she was rescued by Cressie Animal Rescue and Enrichment (CARE). She was adopted by Mack and Theresa in April 2016 and has since joined them on numerous outdoor adventures. Her favorite activities include playing fetch (all day, everyday, inside, outside), chasing seagulls (and playing fetch) on the beach, romping around in the snow, exploring new trails, barking at squirrels, rolling in horse poop, and eating cheese.


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