Oregon Butte and Mount Misery Trail

Date: June 25, 2017 Location: Blue Mountains Start: Teepee Trailhead Distance: 14 miles (according to Mack's Garmin) Duration: 3 hours 24 minutes (breaks not included) Type: Out-and-back References: Washington Trails Association Our first official summer adventure took place in an unlikely, unexpected place in the PNW: the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington. It's rare that... Continue Reading →


Mount Shasta

Date: May 29, 2017 Start: Bunny Flat Trailhead Duration: 17 hours 5 minutes (breaks included) Type: Out-and-back References: Best Climbs: Cascade Volcanoes by Jeff Smoot; Mount Shasta Avalanche Center After months of anticipation, Mack and I stood atop our fifth Cascade volcano this past Memorial Day! Although our adventure wasn't without mishaps (I mean, what... Continue Reading →

McKenzie River Trail

Date: May 13, 2017 Location: Willamette National Forest Start: Upper McKenzie River Trailhead Distance: 26.4 miles Duration: 5 hours 49 minutes (breaks not included) Type: Point-to-point Map: Adventure Maps: Sisters & Redmond High Desert Trail Map References: http://www.mckenzierivertrail.com/ With Spring in full swing, Mack and I are excited to start ticking off some trails we've been... Continue Reading →

Mount Hood

Date: May 7, 2017 Start: Timberline Lodge Duration: 9 hours 28 minutes (breaks included) Type: Out-and-back Map: Adventure Maps: Mount Hood Area References: Best Climbs: Cascade Volcanoes by Jeff Smoot; Mountain Shop With at least two new Cascade volcanoes we want to tackle this Spring/Summer, Mack and I knew we needed to fit in at... Continue Reading →

Coyote Wall-Labyrinth Loop

Date: April 23, 2017 Location: Columbia River Gorge Start: Coyote Wall Trailhead Distance: 8.25 miles (according to Mack's Garmin) Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes (breaks not included) Type: Loop Map: Green Trails Map 432S: Columbia River Gorge-East References: 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Portland by Paul Gerald; Washington Trails Association Since Havasupai, all of our weekends have... Continue Reading →

Clackamas River Trail

Date: March 5, 2017 Location: Mount Hood National Forest Start: Fish Creek Trailhead Distance: 15.4 miles (when done as an out-and-back and including Pup Creek Falls side trip) Duration: 3 hours 46 minutes (breaks not included) Elevation gain: 3100 feet Type: Out-and-back References: Oregon Hikers Finding new places to explore while simultaneously getting in long... Continue Reading →

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